This site is dedicated to reconnecting and discovering the heritage and past of the DeCormier family. An obvious French lineage, we have traced our roots back to Quebec, Canada, and two brothers who travelled from Europe. We are hoping to use this site as a place for family members everywhere to find each other, and hopefully fill in our missing relationships in our family tree.

We welcome any comments and interesting historical facts about our family, as well as any traditions and future new family members! Our family tree will forever grow, and we want to make sure no one is forgotten!

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  1. Renee Cormier says:

    The first Cormier came from France in 1600’s and landed in what was then called Acadia. Quebec was not settled at that time. All Cormiers with Acadian ancestry are related. There was only one chosen to settle in North America and we all sprung from him. I don’t know about any of the variations. I never heard of the names DeCormier or DesCormier.

  2. Carrie says:

    Well, “DeCormier” came from Descormier and de Cormier… which means “of the house of Cormier”… so I can only imagine that at one point the names were merged from the same? It would be interesting to find out if we can trace them back :)

  3. I contacted this family tree site about 7 years ago or so now. Back then the site had the family tree up with all names & dob & death dates. My father who is Craig Robert DeCormier ( he wrote a comment saying hahaha I’m his Dad)well he is my Dad also and I am his 2nd oldest child out of 5. Only daughter of his. My grandfather was Donald DeCormier, whom I never met. He married Jeanette GoodApple.They had 2 kids,m y dad & his sister Treasure. She lives in Texas. I live in LosAngeles, CA. I know I spoke with Carrie long ago but nothing ever came of it. We have a large family from who you guys do not know info.of @all yet.
    Feel free to contact me. Shannon is also one of my brothers, he wrote a comment as well. Donald, Monique(me), Craig Jr., Shannon & Ryan. K.I.T…..family is family & I hope to find out there’s many more of us still that have not met…..
    Best of luck & be safe always!-Monique DeCormier

  4. Monique decormier says:

    http://Www.houseofnames.com has a lot of information about the history & names with the family crest image, was helpful even of the free version, detailed.

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