Are you a DeCormier?

March 12th, 2010

Calling all DeCormier’s! Is your last name (or maiden name) DeCormier? How about De Cormier, Descormier, DesCormier, or Cormier? Then you might be related! This website is dedicated to the DeCormier family, our family tree, and any information about our heritage that I can dig up :)

Starting with me, I’m Carrie (DeCormier) Nelson, and my dad started a project way back when to research our family tree and try and track down the missing connections to our past. We’ve met some wonderful new family along the way, and I’m hoping we can reconnect again through this site.

So stay tuned for more updates, links, and family stories!

12 Responses to “Are you a DeCormier?”

  1. Craig DeCormier II says:

    I’m a DeCormier. I’m really interested in finding family that I have never met. My dad doesn’t talk about or even know most of his family so I don’t know any DeCormiers besides my dad and brothers. You can E-Mail me at

  2. we have many decormiers here in fl and ca please reply back craig 11 is my son

  3. Carrie says:

    Great! I’ll forward your info to my Dad (Jim)… he currently has the family tree and I’m sure he’d love to connect with you! His brothers (my uncles) also live in Florida and Georgia :)

  4. Shannon DeCormier says:

    I’m also a DeCormier! Craig II is my Brother, and “haha I’m his dad” is also my father! I’m 19 and live in Southern California :)

  5. Mike DeCormier says:

    My father was born in Baraga Mi I am curious to know if I am related to you. You can leave message on my wife’s facebook page. Kim DeCormier. Hope to hear from you soon..

  6. Janice DeCormier says:

    I’m a DeCormier… Mikes my uncle…funny finding him on here. You can email me at Also in Michigan!

  7. craig decormier sr says:

    hello im craig decormier sr my grand parents also lived in lansing michigan so im sure we are all related somehow would love to contact all family members i have 5 children 4 boys and one girl her name is monique decormier and sons names are craig 11 and shannon and ryan and donald decormier hope to hear from all soon

  8. Don Cudahy says:

    I do believe that my biological father was Donald Decormier. If i can remember from the brief times I spent with him I actually remember a Craig…. He (Donald) was from Azusa Ca, My mother’s name Joan. This may just be just a hunch but I have a real gut feeling that Im getting info on my biological father. My email,

  9. Don Cudahy says:

    one more thing…. I sort of remember him having a daughter, Treasure?this is really wierd how Im getting these names; it was when I was 5 years old. over 40 years ago!!

  10. hello says:

    hello im craig decormier and i do remember you at a baseball game in glendora yes you are my half brother for sure my dad was donald decormier and i do remember your mother and treasure is my half sister im 52 now and live in florida for now haha i have 5 children email email me at and we can talk

  11. Carisa de Cormier says:

    My hubby is Britt de Cormier his parents are Melvin de Cormier and Joanna de Cormier. Britts brother is Robert de Cormier. Britt and I have lots of children. Michael 25, Mercedes 23, kailey 22, Kyle 21, Cameron 19, marisa 10 and Brittany 9. Melvin is from Michigan. Time for bed I will post more info soon.

  12. Mary Holman says:

    My grandmother was Dora DeCormier of Springfield, Massachusetts. Her father Frank left the family when she was a baby (8kids) and went to look for work in Detroit, MI auto trade. Never returned. Have been trying to get in touch w any DeCormiers from that area to see if they know what may have happened to him. Perhaps he took up w/someone else, which is fine, but I also worry there was foul play. If anyone knows of a Frank or Francis DeCormier in the first half of the 1900s in the Detroit area, pls LMK. wondering if I have other relatives out that way! ironically, one of Frank’s sons started an auto dealership (George DeCormier, DeCormier Nissan, CT) and we are auto collectors. see one of our clubs events would love to hear from any DeCormiers poss related. my grandmothers name was Dora as was her mom’s, and this mysterious Frank. one of my grandmothers was George but I dont know the rest of their names, my mother prob does. Just wondering what ever happened to my great grandfather!

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